Fuel Caps

As a safety-relevant component, the design and production of fuel caps requires the utmost care. They represent a variety of different functions that are not obvious at first glance. At the same time, every driver gets in contact with the cap on a regulary basis.

We offer both conventional and exclusive design tank caps for cars, as well as caps for commercial vehicles. The production processes range from the fully automatic production line to the factory.

Exclusive fuel caps

Conventional Fuel Caps

Fuel Caps for Commercial Vehicles

  • Safe ventilation of the tank via a finely tuned valve system tailored to customer requirements.
  • Individually designed fuel cap: In addition to functionality, we value aesthetics. Our tank caps can be refined with unusual designs using chrome-plated metal and galvanized plastic.
  • Differences in locking mechanisms – various versions of bayonets and threads according to customer requirements and in close coordination with the stocket.
  • Optional, electrical conductivity between the fuel cap and the socket is ensured.
  • Lockable fuel caps – depending on customer requirements, we install the lock housing or the entire locking system.

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