SCR / AdBlue® / DEF Systems

The legal requirements for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) require the use of exhaust aftertreatment systems in vehicles with diesel engines. Depending on the region, the systems for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides are referred to as SCR, AdBlue® or DEF systems.

Our SCR components meet the highest standards of the automotive industry.

  • SCR filling pipes: depending on customer requirements, we supply systems consisting of a filling head including magnet, filling line, venting line, quick connectors, bubble-out container and valves.
  • Modular manufacturing solutions: Our modular manufacturing concept ensures flexibility and efficiency in the production of SCR / AdBlue® / DEF systems.
  • Matching SCR / AdBlue® / DEF caps according to ISO 22241-1 or according to customer requirements.

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