Blau’s products meet the highest quality standards and long-term reliability. For this reason, we attach great importance to the validation of our products. The experts in our state-of-the-art testing facilities, supported by state-of-the-art equipment and tested validation methods, guarantee the quality, durability and safety of all products supplied.

Laboratory testing

To ensure our products consistently meet the standards of the automotive industry, we employ a diverse array of laboratory testing methods. Our capabilities include:

  • Salt spray test unit: Our products must withstand harsh environmental conditions. In our salt spray test unit, we simulate these conditions to assess the products’ resistance.
  • Shore hardness testing equipment: To measure the hardness of materials accurately, we employ shore hardness testing equipment. This helps us ensure that the tested products maintain their integrity.
  • Vickers hardness testing equipment: When it comes to assessing the hardness of materials, Vickers hardness testing equipment allows for precise measurement and guarantees our products meet the necessary standards.
  • Mobile spectral analysis equipment: Our mobile spectral analysis equipment enables us to conduct on-site material composition analysis, ensuring quality and purity.
  • Micrograph preparation equipment: We employ micrograph preparation equipment to create high-resolution images of materials, which aids in identifying structural issues.
  • Precision balance for purity tests: Precision balance is used to conduct purity tests and confirm that our products meet strict quality criteria.
  • Soaking chamber (artificial aging): To simulate real-world conditions and assess product aging, we employ a soaking chamber that accelerates the aging process.
  • Tensile testing machine: We use a tensile testing machine to measure the strength of materials and ensure that our products can withstand stress and strain.
  • Climate chamber: Our climate chamber is utilized to assess the performance of materials under different temperature and humidity conditions.

Measuring Methods

We rely on a variety of measuring methods and equipment to validate the precision and quality of our partner’s products:

  • Inspection equipment: Our inspection tools are used to conduct product examinations, guaranteeing adherence to the most stringent quality benchmarks.
  • Profile projector: A profile projector is used to examine the profile of certain products and verify that they meet design specifications.
  • 3D-coordinate measuring machine: This advanced machine enables us to measure complex shapes and dimensions accurately, guaranteeing precise manufacturing.
  • Resistance meter: We utilize resistance meters to measure electrical resistance in our products, ensuring proper functioning.
  • Measuring equipment: Our measuring equipment is indispensable for maintaining product precision.
  • Gauges: Precision gauges are employed to check critical dimensions and tolerances.

We are the right partner

Our testing competence is a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering high-quality products. If you choose to collaborate with Blau, you can be sure that you are acquiring products of enduring quality and performance.

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